Proform Ab Glider Reviews. 2 Ab Machines in 1?

Published: 09th August 2011
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The Proform Ab Glider truly does provide something that most of the other ab machines simply donít. It allows you to perform 2 different ab exercises either separately or simultaneously on one machine.

Its 180 degree track rotation (side to side motion) allows for a fluid lateral movement. It also locks seamlessly in place for vertical movement, targeting the abs and obliques in an unequalled and stimulating way.

Both movements can be combined to burn maximum calories and engage and build more muscle in a fun cardiovascular workout.

Letís take a look at all of the Proform Ab Glider features.

The "Circular Burn" and "Arc Crunch" combination training maximizes core training and doubles your calorie burn. Its 180 degree track rotation and locking unit ensures a smooth vertical movement. An LCD Monitor tracks your results and requires only a quick glance because of the large clear numbers. It has an incredibly tough solid steel construction which is built to last for years to come. This ab machine provides an above the floor workout which protects your neck and back from injury. It includes 2 training DVDs and an eating guide.

The Pros

"Dual Motion Exercise Training" which engages 44 percent more muscle activation. The specialized front to back and side to side movements target your whole core in ways proven to work quickly. The LCD Monitor provides immediate feedback on calories burned, number of repetitions, and length of workout to keep track of your progress. There are 1.5 inches of professional grade foam padding to ensure a comfortable workout. It comes with "The Amazing Abs" and "3 Minute Results Workout" with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, so there will be no more guess work involved with these step by step, easy to follow DVDs. You also get "The Amazing Abs Meal Plan", an 8 week meal plan which has 48 delicious dinner ideas and even includes a grocery list for healthy meals.

The Cons

Some first time users have found they are using their arms more than their abs. If this happens, basically you just need to experiment a bit and find the best posture to contract the ab muscles instead of pulling with the arms. Other users have complained about the knee pads not providing enough grip, allowing their knees to slide outward, and forcing them to stop every few minutes to adjust their position. Wearing shorts will definitely provide a better grip.

The Proform Ab Glider is for:

1. People looking for a machine that delivers unique two at a time workout moves.

2. Those who may need a little hand holding (the step by step DVDs provide out of the box training).

3. Anyone who desires to FEEL the results immediately.

Overall, the Proform Ab Glider really does provide two exercise machines in one. Not only will you get a great ab and core workout(as well as arms and back), but you will also get a killer cardio routine which will blast away the calories. Do the "Circular Burn" and the "Arc Crunch" seperately or combine them for an amazing gut crunching session. You will really feel the "burn" when using this machine, whether you are a beginner or more advanced user. Its solid steel construction means this machine is durable, tough, and dependable. I think this product is value priced, as you will find other similar machines sell for more and will not do as much.

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