Planning A Wedding On A Budget - Everything You Need To Know!

Published: 05th January 2012
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Planning A Wedding On A Budget

If you are like most people you may believe that planning a wedding on a budget is nearly impossible. Most couples think that having a beautiful wedding ceremony and celebratory reception can only happen by spending thousands and thousands of dollars. The truth is that anyone can have a beautiful wedding and reception for a few thousand dollars. There are literally dozens of places to save money when planning your wedding budget that will really add up. When the actual task of your wedding planning begins, there may be times when you get confused and frustrated, and will not know what to include and where to cut. You may begin to think that every part of the wedding is just as important as the other. When this occurs you will need to revert back to your wedding budgeting plan that I am about to show you.

1) Stay away from the peak season.

Consider having your nuptials during the off-season or non-peak time of year, or even during an off-time of the day such as a morning or a weekday evening. Most people will plan their weddings to take place in the summer or spring. But, by scheduling a winter or fall wedding you will be saving money. Most vendors charge higher prices during the high-demand times like Saturdays than any other days of the week. Just having a morning ceremony could save you by up to 30 percent. And by serving brunch or lunch instead of a more expensive dinner you will be cutting costs there as well.

2) Do your own printing or create your own invitations.

By simply looking online, or at your local party store you will be able to find a wedding reception program, invitations, and ďsave this dateĒ type cards which will allow you to print up your own invitations. An even more cost-saving method is to simply make them yourself. Get some decent laser printable paper from your local paper store, use a laser printer, and you can make and design all of your invitations at a huge discount.

3) Donít spend a fortune on a wedding gown.

Of course this is one area of planning that every potential bride looks forward to even as a child, but there are many options available that will allow the bride to look like a million bucks for a fraction of the cost. By looking in your local department store in the formal wear department you could find an elegant white formal dress that will look amazing for much less than what you will pay at a bridal salon. If you do decide to purchase from a salon and find a dress you like, consider getting one in off-white. Another option to cut costs is to use a simple flower instead of the standard veil, or if you are crafty, you could get patterns to make your very own veil.

4) Consider having an outside wedding.

Many towns have beautiful parks and gardens with gazebos and will only charge a minor maintenance or permit fee. Also, by having your wedding in the outdoors you will save on the cost of decorations as the natural beauty that surrounds you will add an extra special touch to the decor.

5) Find a friend or family member who can officiate the ceremony.

There are many counties which will allow people to obtain a one day license to perform the official wedding ceremony. Look to see if your are in one of these areas that allow this function to be performed. By having a friend perform the nuptials you will incur a huge savings.

6) Donít order out of season flowers.

The flowers for the ceremony and wedding reception can get quite expensive and many couples get married around the holidays or try to order flowers that are not in season. Doing this will definitely drive up the price. You can find more commonly used flowers in stock at most florists shops along with a lower price tag.

7) Make a deal with your photographer.

If you are going to use a professional for your wedding and wedding reception pictures then you should definitely shop around and look for deals.The good thing is, if you are really looking to spend less, this is where you can. Most photographers will usually offer special package deals that include nice albums. When you find someone whose work you like, donít be afraid to negotiate for the price you desire. This should be done when it comes to every step of your budget wedding plans.

Use your own caterer.

Since most restaurants and hotels will not allow you to bring in your own food, except for the wedding cake, you could use a town recreational building, a family cottage, or even your backyard. By using your own caterer or a friend or family member you will save a lot of money on food and have a wonderful wedding reception program. Remember though to make sure that your location has enough seating for your guest list.

Every coupleís wedding day should be memorable and remarkable. You should be creating the memory of your lifetime. Allow yourself the time to do research, talk to people in your community, and find excellent deals to make your wedding a fantastic day for you and all of your guests. Planning a wedding on a budget will take some time and some creativity, and more planning than you may have ever done before, but you can do it!

My name is Anthony Matthews and I enjoy assisting my family and friends in planning their wedding on a budget. I also own a website which provides information about what to include in a wedding reception program at my site which is located at

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