How To Remove Rust Spots From Chrome

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Published: 18th January 2011
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You can find chrome metal found on most bikes, cars, and motorcycles. It is used on bumpers, rims, lug nuts, and even your bathroom faucet. Chrome is a mirror-like, bright metal that will normally resist tarnishing. However, chrome will rust if exposed to moisture or water. Unfortunately you may have noticed an ugly brown surface rust accumulating on these chrome items. Since rust will blemish the surface of chrome, removing it is necessary if you desire to maintain its original finish. There is an easy way for you to repair this yourself.

Before we begin there are two details we must address. If the rust has eaten through the chrome finish, this will not work. You also need to confirm that you have a true chrome finish. Make sure it is not just plain metal that has been painted with chrome colored paint. Once these two factors have been addressed and confirmed we are ready to begin.

You will need to assess the extent of the chrome rust and notice the depth of the rust. You can simply clean the chrome with soap and water so you can see the rust areas to be worked on. Look close enough to see if the rust appears in pits, cracks, or is just on the surface of the chrome.

Next dab some metal or chrome polish to a fine steel wool pad and also apply some on the chrome, over the rusted area. Gently rub the rusted area in a circular motion with the pad. As the steel wool becomes dry add more polish, as you do not want to rub the surface if it or the wool pad is dry. Do not scrub with heavy pressure. You should allow the pad to do the work. Continue polishing over the same area which will prevent the chance of scratching the chrome if applying to much pressure. Repeat until all the rust spots or marks are removed.

Any surface rust should be gone. Rinse and wipe away any steel bits and residue and begin to polish with a soft rag. Continue to polish the chrome to obtain a shiny finish.

Lastly, if any rust does remain it is likely under the finish which is probably broken in that area. Continuing the treatment will not remove it, but overall it should now be more shiny and the surface rust should be gone.

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