Ab Lounge Xl Reviews. What You Should Know!

Published: 12th July 2011
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The Ab Lounge XL Abdominal Exerciser is an amazing piece of fitness equipment. It is designed to allow a full range of motion without generating strain to your back, head, or neck.

A very cool feature of the Ab Lounge XL ab machine is the ability to fully recline, providing over 180 degrees of motion, and releasing built up stress in your neck muscles and spine. You can develop your core abdominals and back muscles while maintaining superior form that you donít get with traditional crunch exercises.

Additionally, the AB Lounge XL provides comfort while working out. No longer do you need to get down on the floor to perform the uncomfortable bent-knee stomach crunches in order to say goodbye to those annoying love handles

Letís take a look at all of the Ab Lounge XL features.

The fully breathable mesh seat provides added comfort while you workout. The ISO-grip padded handles protect your hands. There are adaptable foot pedals which move with you for extra comfort. This machine accommodates any height, starting at 4 feet, 5 inches and up. There is a brand-newquick-release folding system with easy pull back on the lever fold. Comes with focus strap, which allows you to execute the advanced jackknife movement by merely extending yourlegs. Also, receive fitness expert Rosalie Brownís "AB Blasting" DVD Ė providing XL workouts for every level of fitness.

The Pros

It easily handles body weights up to 275 pounds.The "jackknife" motion places the focus of the workout purely on your upper and lower abdominals and back muscles. This exercise chair allows you to rest easily between repetitions.

The Cons

The XL is larger and may take up more room than you anticipate. You will need to find a space, but you probably wonít use it if you try to put it in the closet or under your bed anyway.The chair is so comfortable that you may end up lounging in it instead of exercising, if you donít maintain your focus!

The Ab Lounge XL is for:

1.People who struggle from placing undue stress on their neck, head, or back.

2.Those who are looking for a safe, focused, and businesslike workout.

3.Anyone who is tired of doing uncomfortable situps and crunches on the floor.

Overall, this is an excellent exercise machine for the novice to the more advanced user. It is a solid and durable piece of equipment . A real selling point for me was its ability to ease strain on body parts which traditionally are the first to be negatively influenced (neck and back). Additionally, this ab machine is versatile, and can transform not only your core muscles, but, your back muscles as well.

The Ab Lounge XL will work for you, if YOU put in the work!

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