Ab Doer Twist Reviews. Donít Buy Until You Read This!

Published: 04th August 2011
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First came the Abdoer and now comes the Ab Doer Twist. The Abdoer Twist incorporates a 360 degree movement and patented "Torsion-Flex" technology

which targets muscles most other ab machines canít.

Not only does this machine focus on the abdominals and obliques, but also the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, legs, and hamstrings. Tone your muscles while getting an aerobic workout, all from a sitting position.

By using the ergonomically designed contoured arm bars you will also tone the muscles of your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and upper back. Simply rotate the arms upward and downward and receive a complete full body workout.

Letís take a look at all of the Ab Doer Twist features.

An advanced Torsion-Flex technology works hard-to-reach "metabolically active" muscles in your hips, inner and outer thighs, and even buttocks.The arm bars are contoured which encourages toning of the upper body muscles (biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, and upper back). It features a massage roller which provides an amazing therapeutic massage with every repetition. This ab machine is made of heavy-gauge steel making it durable and solid. It also comes with 4 workout DVDís, 2 workout booklets, and the "Healthy Eating Plan".


Along with ab muscle toning, you will also get an areobic workout, all while seated! Your body is fully supported and anatomically aligned, allowing you to use your muscles in a more effective manner. Its conturing arms result in less pain and less stress to the neck, shoulders, upper back, wrists, hands, and elbows. This ab machine is easy to assemble, and when your workout is complete, you can simply fold the Abdoer down and easily store it away.


If you are at an advanced fitness level, you may need to purchase the multiple resistance rods to provide even more resistance and a more

challenging core workout. Another option is to simply do MORE reps for a similar benefit.

The Ab Doer Twist is for:

1. Anyone from a beginner to the athlete.

2. Those who wish to combine an areobic routine with an engaging abdominal workout.

3. People who are tired of kneeling on the floor and straining their neck doing crunches and sit ups.

Overall, this is a very well designed ab machine. The anatomically correct positioning minimizes pain and stress which allows for an efficient workout, meaning you will get better results in less time. To achieve the best results with any abdominal workout machine you will need to add some sort of cardio routine. With the Ab Doer Twist you will get aerobic exercise as well as a targeted abdominal and oblique workout.

Some of you may find that you will arrive at a point where you may desire more resistance from your machine. You can purchase multiple resistance rods for an even more challenging overall body workout. Because there is an additional price for the rods, I gave a slightly lower score on my review. Lastly, I liked that this machine allows you to sit in a comfortable position while getting in shape, in a relatively small work space.

Remember, consistent effort will produce amazing results!

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